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Fred Felleman, MSc.
3004 NW 93rd St.
Seattle, WA 98117


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  1. Left also on Fred’s blog.

    Hi, thanks for taking a stand against sewage dumping and for trying to get the problem taken care of. I went on a cruise when I was a high school junior, in 1981, in the Caribbean. It had some real highlights ,but one of the lowlights was looking at the bags of plastic garbage floating behind the boat, somewhere off the coast of Haiti. I think I asked a crew member about it and got a response of “we’re offshore and its legal” or something along those lines. I kind of recoiled at the thought of birds and fish biting into the floating bags and getting sick. I have not been on a cruise since, and that is one of the reasons why.

    I think there should be a boat certification program and also a port certification program . Part of the port certification should be whether the port publishes a list of who among its boats is meeting a certain standard of certification for garbage, wastewater, etc. Information would then help customers decide where they want to spend their money, and help ports to compete on quality of green, not just price or other factors.

    Comment on Seattle’s sewage: it seems like there would not be a lot of wastewater going into West Point sewage plant in the summer, so hopefully there would be ample capacity.

    If the pipes can’t handle the corrosion, are there trucks that could be used? Like trucks that pump septic tanks? I can imagine it would take a lot of trucks.

    As I looked at the map in the PI, I thought “there probably aren’t too many places in area between here and Vancouver Island that are more than 12 miles from the shore.” Maybe the boats do their dumps west of Vancouver Island? If they are all repeatedly dumping in the same places, it would seem like that area would never really recover. Not good.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Fred! I’m new to blogs. Do I have to subscribe to yours? (I don’t mean that like it sounds – I mean is it necessary to do so in order to receive it) love from your fan Wiwi

  3. Thanks for your interest. The Port of Seattle and King County are in the process of evaluating the best way to handle sewage sludges so stay tuned. As far as where its getting dumped now the choices are primarily Queen Charolette Sound for ships going up the inside passage and in the Pacific for ships that run on the outside of Juan de Fuca. The Olympic Coast Sanctuary extends 40 miles into the Pacific at it north end and includes the inbound shipping lanes into Juan de Fuca.


  4. Dear Fred Felleman,

    My name is Sonya and I’m friends with John and Karen. In 5th grade you took me and my friend Robin on a boat ride to see orca whales in the San Juans.

    I am currently doing a research paper on orca whales in the puget sound and I was wondering if there is any type of service learning I could do for it or maybe interview you. But I have a few questions.

    I can’t leave a number on this website but if you could contact John or Karen that would be great.

    They gave me your home number. So yeah.



  5. Fred – Incredible! Very clever. I am actually having a blast navigating your site. Remember when after having seen you on the evening Evan asked you for your autograph? (One thing – Travel Junkies?)

  6. Dear Mr.Felleman,

    My name is Sophia Fischer and I am currently attending a program at Capilano College, Vancouver, B.C., Canada that is very NGO-oriented, eventually training us to manage them.

    I am currently working on a briefing paper for my political studies class, in short, upon which we critique a federal (or possibly provincial) government policy. I’ve chosen cruise ship regulations and laws (or rather, lack there of).

    Your name has come up more than once in my research and I was wondering if it was possible that you answer a few questions regarding environmental impact of cruise ships on marine environments as well as some of your oppinions surrounding cruise ship regulations in general.

    Thank you and warmest regards,

  7. Hey Fred,
    It was great meeting you last week! love your blog as well. I’ve tried emailing you, but they keep coming back to me… do you have another email i can contact you on?

  8. Hi Fred,
    Hope all is well in Washington. I recently stole all your ideas about this site and created a News from the North page: ( What’s more, I’ve put a link to your site on my page…
    I hope you don’t mind! That said….do you have some recent links, sources, or articles relevant to Alaska or the north that I could post? Let me hear from your fury or pen!

  9. […] the story I prepared for the Kitsap Sun’s Web site and tomorrow’s newspaper. Thanks to Fred Felleman for shooting the photo. Washington Department of Ecology officials are praising the captain of a […]

  10. […]  Fred is a committed activist for the environment as well as a Port Commissioner.  Join him at the Fremont Tavern next Monday Night, May 8, for our regular Drinking Liberally meetup.    […]

  11. […] Fred is a committed activist for the environment as well as a Port Commissioner.   […]

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