With oil pipeline to US on hold, Canada eyes China Gingrich uses to attack Obama on environmental, geopolitical issue

This is by far the best story I’ve read on the 2 pipeline debate in Canada and the key role first nations play.  The only problem is that it’s really a 3 pipeline battle with the Transmountain line already connecting the tar sand to Vancouver and our Cherry Point refineries.

The risk of large spill has increased as a result of the increases in heavy oil heading through our straits to China.  An additional challenge is that the heavy oil they carry has to be diluted to flow through a pipe.  The heavy oil is called bitumen and they dilute it with a variety of very nasty things that make it dangerous to get cleaned up quickly and sinks rapidly after the volatiles have evaporated.  You can win a prize on a game show or cocktail bingo by knowing the term “Dilbit” which is what pros refer to the diluted bitumen goo.

It may be time to consider connecting these dots better for our elected officials so that they are attentive to the variety of federal and state maritime regulatory changes underway.


~ by fredfelleman on January 31, 2012.

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