Elderly Puget Sound Orca ‘Ruffles’ Is Missing


Image of Orca In Captivity

An orca in captivity (not Ruffles).
Photo: JermJus / Flickr

Posted: 4:38 pm PST March 7, 2011Updated: 6:22 pm PST March 7, 2011

SEATTLE — One of Western Washington’s most recognizable orcas is missing and some local whale experts are concerned.Ruffles, thus nicknamed for his wavy dorsal fin, was last seen in late November near Victoria, B.C., but hasn’t been seen since.”Invariably if a whale disappears, it doesn’t show up somewhere else, and certainly an adult male who has a lot of genetic offspring in his oversight, I would think he’d be one of the least likely to be disappearing,” said Fred Felleman, a board member of the Friday Harbor Whale Museum who’s been studying orcas since 1980.Ruffles, the senior member of the J-pod, has sired most of the calves in Puget Sound’s three resident pods, Felleman said.Ruffles is 60 years old, which puts him at the upper end of life expentancy for orcas.Copyright 2011 by KIROTV.com. All rights reserved.

~ by fredfelleman on March 7, 2011.

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