Northwest sending oil spill resources to Gulf


Posted on May 3, 2010 at 5:58 PM

Updated yesterday at 6:25 PM

SEATTLE – Desperate Gulf Coast leaders are turning to the Pacific Northwest for help in battling the incoming oil spill. A pipeline of Northwest equipment and expertise is already flowing south.

The Exxon Valdez disaster left Alaskan beaches littered with toxic oil and the bodies of dead creatures, but it also left the area with a wealth of oil spill experience.

Dan Lawn, who led much of the Alaska’s response to the Exxon Valdez spill, says it took him only a few minutes to realize the biggest problem facing people trying to control the Gulf Coast spill.

“I could tell just by looking at what they were doing as far as clean up, they didn’t have near enough equipment,” said Lawn.

That’s where Washington state and the rest of the Northwest come in. This area has spent millions of dollars on equipment and training to become the most oil spill-ready region in the country, and has already begun sending tools and people to the Gulf.

To date, the State Department of Ecology says private and government agencies have provided, or will soon provide:

  • The state’s entire supply of Chemical Dispersants – 15,000 gallons
  • 15,000 feet of containment boom
  • 1,400 feet of fireproof boom to use in burn-offs
  • Approximately 250 people who can share our expertise with crews in the gulf.

Some of the people who helped build up that supply of equipment to protect Puget Sound, are not thrilled to see it shipped off.

“The fact that we have to put ourselves at any disadvantage, while we’re willing to do it temporarily, it still suggests we haven’t asked enough of the oil industry,” said marine consultant Fred Felleman.

Felleman hopes this accident will help convince all regions of the country to beef up their oil spill protection supplies and pressure the oil industry to pay for it.

State ecology officials say they will send as much help to the Gulf Coast as they can without compromising this area’s ability to protect itself from a spill

~ by fredfelleman on May 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Northwest sending oil spill resources to Gulf”

  1. What a beautiful leak – twenty thousand barrels of lovely lube a day. I love the oily mass that bulges outwards from a bent pipe. A brown Rorschach blot of the automobile culture.

    My most fervent hope is that all efforts to stop and mitigate this masterwork are failures. The incontinent flow of hydrocarbons shall continue for the decay of all.

    I would love to see a sea of greasy Devil’s blood flowing into the ocean forever more. The spew that flew right on through.

    Then the World can move on into its next phase, the Dark Phase of death, decline and destruction. Soon, all the works of humans will decay and so too will themselves be brought to the altar of slaughter, to account for their crimes of existence.


    How can the scope of this ecological disaster be met with the silence of prayers- the silence of scientists and political organizations? No celebrity or world leader is willing to call for more action?

    It is time to look to our one world and one life force that unites and sustains us…

    We face challenges larger than corporate entity- larger than national pride or ego.. our home – this one earth is now facing destruction in a singular silence that is truly a crime against not just humanity- but all life forms.

    Where are the voices that could call out for the best minds and resources on the planet to come together and solve a problem that will devastate a huge piece of our planet and ecologies into the future in untold and ways with permanence that we can not yet understand.

    It would be an epic movie— saving the planet by working together, using the best and most immediate resources of the planet.. from all countries. Perhaps a script writer could stir a bit of action—but is it that the President is afraid that some other country would have the skills and tools to limit disaster in the American arena?

    Where are the religious leaders- that we are not asked to pray for creation and see our common fragility?

    God, by whatever the name

    Is saddened for sure

    And each soul shares the blame

    For a silence dishonoring the gift of the earth….

    Use your voice and your prayer
    How much power have the people of this planet given to a single company- which certainly can not pay the bill and restore the planet—? And how much power to a president who has such a national ego that his administration is selling out our planet’s future rather ask for international and immediate assistance and expertise?

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