Identifying the political heart

Election night reflections.
Fred Felleman

I saw David Brewster running between campaign parties last night reminding me how I missed the Weekly’s political endorsements, especially being without the P-I.

I was also reflecting on the type of people drawn to politics given the inevitability of increasing negativity associated with close races and the kind of press politicians get.

I was particularly struck by the Times October 31st coverage of Congressman Dicks’interview with the Office of Congressional Ethics on page A3 for purported improprieties while 1/2 the space was afforded on page B6 for his appropriation of $50 million to implement the Puget Sound Action Agenda (for which he received no credit) in addition to the $152 million in stimulus funds, including $52 million to accelerate the restoration of the Elwha river from 2013 to 2011. This dam removal project he has championed for well over a decade will do more to recover our endangered orca than any singular activity to date.

Being a bit of a maritime junkie I am particularly amused by the folks who run for the Port of Seattle where no good deed should go unpunished and the Commissioners get paid a whopping $8k/yr. I hope Max Vekich stays interested in Port Reform for he has much to offer.

Given the inherent influence of money in politics, rather than be shocked by such realities, I think it behooves voters to not just look at “qualifications”, rather a candidate’s basic values are more likely to serve as the best indicator as to how they will balance the competing interests they will be confronted with.

In the end we need to judge those who we have chosen to serve in public office by how they have chosen to leverage their influence.

Thankfully we get both qulifications and heart in Dow.

In addition we have a Congress and administration who are trying to invest stimulus funds into efforts that will help sustain us. Let’s be sure to thank them.

Thanks Norm, I hope our soon to be elected officials in the region get to accomplish a fraction of what you have so far. Dow has a running start to lead us forward through some tough tomes the offer real opportunities to redefine our priorities.

Welcome aboard holland and Albro to the Port – there’s plenty of progress still to make.

— Fred Felleman

~ by fredfelleman on November 4, 2009.

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