Port Commissioner Pat Davis has rarely seen a plan she won’t rubber-stamp

 This is a well researched long story that should be viewed in its entirety on the web.  The Print version has a photo of yours truly testifying before a Port Commission meeting.  However my quote that the Commissioner’s “neutered” themselves was referring to Pat’s tenure when she was on the Commission prior to the current Commissioners during which time she championed the passage of resolution 3181 which abdicated the Commission’s oversight of port construction projects to the CEO.  Fred


Here Comes Pat!

By Aimee Curl

Seattle Weekly
March 19, 2008

It’s fitting that in squeaky-clean Seattle, the most disreputable elected official is a part-time public servant, former citizen activist, and 72-year-old grandmother.

But don’t underestimate her impact. Working a mere 20 hours a week, and collecting just $16,800 a year in salary and per diem, Port of Seattle Commissioner Pat Davis has managed to amass an unrivaled record of bungling, back-dealing, and questionable behavior.

The job of commissioner, ostensibly, is to be the public’s eyes and ears at the Port, which employs 1,800 people, generates $12 billion in related business regionwide, and this year will collect nearly $80 million in property taxes from King County residents.

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