Anchors fall off two oil tankers from Alaska

06:15 PM PST on Friday, January 12, 2007
Associated Press and staff

The double-hulled tanker Alaskan Frontier is anchored at Port Angeles, WA in May, 2005

SEATTLE – Anchors fell off two oil tankers during heavy weather as they were carrying crude oil from Alaska to Long Beach, California.
The anchors were discovered missing when the tankers were being unloaded at Long Beach. The ships were allowed to continue to Washington where they finished unloading at a refinery at Cherry point.
Now they are waiting – one at Port Angeles and one at Seattle – for new anchors.
Tankers without anchors
The Coast Guard, the state Ecology Department and the Alaska Tanker Company of Beaverton, Oregon, are investigating what went wrong.
The company CEO Anil Mathur says one anchor was lost from each ship – Alaskan Frontier and Alaskan Navigator, in storms late last month. Each ship has a total of two anchors and the remaining anchor on each ship is cracked.
He says the company is flying four anchors – 15 tons each – from Holland to be installed next week.
Officials say there was no harm to the environment.
According to the Anchorage Daily News, The two ships are among four new double-hulled tankers BP had built for $250 million each. The first of the tankers — built by National Steel and Shipbuilding Co. of San Diego — began work in the summer of 2004.
The missing anchor is the second problem to hit the Alaskan Frontier.  In 2005, the tanker was one of two that experienced large cracks in the rudders.

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