New port leadership can restore public confidence.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Letters to the Editor

New leadership can restore public confidence

The Port of Seattle’s new executive director, Tay Yoshitani, and Port Commission President John Creighton need to regain the public’s confidence in the port’s environmental oversight of expanded container and cruise ship operations.

The $120 million publicly subsidized redevelopment of Terminals 30 and 91 is scheduled to open in 2008. Despite the 170 comments expressing concerns about the project, port staff told the commission in November they expect to complete the final environmental impact statement this month with little change from the draft.
Over the winter holiday, a port-funded employee at the Army Corps of Engineers issued a 30-day public comment notice for the dredging permit associated with the development. It failed to mention the dredging was in a polluted Superfund site with the spoils destined for Elliott Bay.

Cruise ships generate the wastes of small cities but are not required to have discharge permits. Container and cruise ships have been known to violate the discharge laws they are subject to as well as the voluntary agreements signed with the state. One provision even allows cruise ships to dump their sewage sludge in the Olympic Coast Sanctuary.

We look forward to working with the new leadership at the port on programs to protect the environment without hindering port growth.

Fred Felleman
 Bluewater Network
Friends of the Earth

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