Dam Good Example

Seattle Weekly

Letters to the Editor
1 March 2006

The Feb. 22 cover story, “Tons of Trouble,” correctly notes the importance of chinook salmon to the recovery of our endangered southern resident orca community. The decline of the Columbia River salmon runs may help to explain why the southern residents are not faring as well as their British Columbian cousins in the northern resident community. However, the story failed to note the importance of the restoration of the Elwha River ecosystem to orca recovery. The removal of two dams and the restoration of the Elwha River near Port Angeles is the largest salmon-recovery effort under way on the West Coast and is located within the core area of the southern resident community’s home range. While the conflicts on the Columbia are critical to address, it is also important to remember that the two-decade effort to restore the Elwha ecosystem is now just a few years away. Hopefully our endangered orcas will hold on long enough to reap the benefits.

Fred Felleman

~ by fredfelleman on March 1, 2006.

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