Dredge the Port


October 19 – 25, 2005


George Howland Jr.’s article on the Port of Seattle is the most insightful story written about this influential stealth government I have read in any paper [“Port in a Storm,” Oct. 5]. While Howland astutely highlights how the commission’s balance of power is in play this election and the disproportionate influence wielded by unelected Port CEO Mic Dinsmore, he does not note the significance of the new commissioners’ ability to hire the next port executive. With the Port’s ability to better represent the public’s interest never more evident, it is mystifying that the Washington Conservation Voters have chosen not to make an endorsement for Position 3. There is a clear choice between the candidates, Rich Berkowitz and Lloyd Hara. As noted, Berkowitz’s support for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and unsuccessful opposition to the stationing of the Neah Bay rescue tug make for an easy environmental distinction. Of even broader importance is the candidates’ ability to be a public representative on the commission and not represent special interests like those who want to increase tanker traffic [“Tankers in the Sound,” Oct. 12], on whose behalf Berkowitz lobbies. While former Seattle City Treasurer Hara may not be a true blue greenie, he does not have such flagrant conflicts of interest as those that should disqualify Berkowitz. The Port desperately needs closer public scrutiny if it is ever to represent the King County taxpayers who subsidize it. A new commission and more of such articles by Howland would go a long way to that end.

Fred Felleman

~ by fredfelleman on October 19, 2005.

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