Red herring

Editorials & Opinion: Friday, August 20, 2004

Seattle Times
Letters to the editor

Thrown off the point

In an attempt to deflect any responsibility for the Cherry Point herring population’s 90 percent decline, BP spokesman Bill Kidd stated, “I’m a simple farm boy, and it’s my experience that if a critter doesn’t like where it is, it generally leaves” (“Feds consider protecting herring near Bellingham,” Local News, Aug. 6). It is that type of unscientific reasoning and unbridled politics that allowed BP to double its refinery dock without even conducting an environmental impact statement.

One obvious point to oceanographers is that the net flow of the surface water containing the millions of gallons of the state’s largest refinery’s wastewater pollution is southward. In fact, most of the remaining spawning activity occurs from the BP refinery northward. The remaining herring have levels of genetic and skeletal abnormalities analogous to Prince William Sound herring after the Exxon Valdez (oil spill of 1989).

Our litigation and subsequent experience has identified concerns about the increased likelihood of an oil spill occurring and the fact that, despite telling the Army Corps of Engineers otherwise, BP does not place booms around its tankers before transferring fuel at the new dock.

It is unfortunate when corporations like BP are allowed to jeopardize the benefits of great efforts such as Congressman Norm Dicks’ leadership on the restoration of the Elwha River ecosystem, all for big profits.

— Fred Felleman, Ocean Advocates, Seattle

~ by fredfelleman on August 20, 2004.

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